"Vermonters prefer sitting on benches and looking at flags and watching cars drive in circles and walking up stairs for no reason to the neat efficiency of a four-way intersection." Yikes...hopefully not too many from Jaopnik read this. I can hear the pro-traffic circle supporters sharpening their pitch-forks and… » 8/26/14 3:51pm 8/26/14 3:51pm

But the "Take me to the G" example would be like hopping into a cab in Chicago and saying "take me to Wrigley" and they being perplexed if you meant the ballpark, or some other thing with Wrigley in the name. As in someone who has a vague working knowledge of the city, let a lone a cabby, should have a clue. » 8/20/14 9:33am 8/20/14 9:33am

Some of my older to mid-range burned CDs have already started to be a little wonk when I play them, and they are in the 15-20ish age range. Also I noticed this after finding them again after they had sat in a closet for about 5 years so not sure for how long this has been an issue. » 8/19/14 10:40am 8/19/14 10:40am