I actually still use/have a blotter style calendar on my desk. When someone calls me up on the phone and starts rambling on about something they want done in some future date, I find it quicker to be able to look at a whole month at a time in a 3x2' size then scrolling around on my computer. Maybe I am just… » 9/07/14 8:42pm 9/07/14 8:42pm

Well their Yelp reviews hint strongly that this is just the tip of the douche iceberg for the place. Lots of complaints about not only no substitutions, but they won't leave things off if you ask them to, your allergies be dammed. And a good deal of chatter about rude staff. » 9/05/14 10:32am 9/05/14 10:32am

"Vermonters prefer sitting on benches and looking at flags and watching cars drive in circles and walking up stairs for no reason to the neat efficiency of a four-way intersection." Yikes...hopefully not too many from Jaopnik read this. I can hear the pro-traffic circle supporters sharpening their pitch-forks and… » 8/26/14 3:51pm 8/26/14 3:51pm